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Motor insurance is a necessity for anyone owning a car, for personal or professional purposes. If one has multiple cars or other vehicles, would one be buying motor insurances for individual vehicles? Wouldn’t that be expensive? Try out motor fleet

Non-Resident Indians can open a different type of bank accounts that are specific to their needs. These accounts are usually called NRI accounts, and these include NRE or NRO accounts. There are various types of NRI accounts and every one

Bitcoin was the primary money to be distributed as open-source programming and existed electronically, so you could break down the code to enter the Bitcoin organization. You will possess your cash through Bitcoin. The bitcoin blockchain is a decentralized organization

The money society

What is it? In the businesses of the mafia and smuggling groups, there has always been activity of the production of buy fake money and sell fake money; bills that are similar to the real currency of the country, without

In the last few decades, the financial regulatory authority has become stringent and more policies have been enacted to ensure the smooth process of transactions for investors. As many brokers are emerging, they need to control them by imposing regulations

The key to being a successful investor and getting valuable returns from the investment is proper planning. If you are an amateur investor, the following guide will help you make the most of your finances. Being a successful investor takes