Your go-to guide for hiring a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City

Divorce is a big decision, and it must be handled in a mature manner, considering all relevant aspects that can impact your life. Should you hire a lawyer for your divorce? Yes, absolutely! Lawyers know what it takes to detangle complex issues, and a good attorney can be your biggest source of support for your divorce. There are some amazing law firms that work in Utah, and in this post, we are sharing a go-to guide on hiring a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

Check reviews

If a divorce lawyer claims to be among the best in practice, they will have good reviews. You can ask for references, or else, just check for independent feedback and reviews on Google. Make sure that your lawyer has the experience and expertise to handle complications of your divorce. 

Ask questions

The best way to hire a divorce lawyer is to ask questions. Most lawyers do offer free initial consultation for clients, but even if you have to pay a small amount, consider spending that to meet an attorney in person. Here are some of the basic questions you must ask –

  1. How many divorce cases have you handled in your career?
  2. What would be your advice for my case and circumstances?
  3. Will you handle the case personally?
  4. What percentage of your cases are resolved outside of court?
  5. Do you know the attorney working for my spouse?
  6. What are my options?
  7. Are you available on phone and email for your clients?

Many law firms have a bunch of divorce lawyers working for them. As such, the lawyer you meet may not be the one handling your case. When you are paying for a known attorney, make sure that they are the one working on the case. 

Discuss your concerns

Typically, common concerns in a divorce includes child custody, distribution of assets and property, child support, visitation rights, and spousal maintenance. The circumstances surrounding a divorce can be really unique, and you need to share your expectations with your lawyer. A good lawyer will give you all the possible outcomes for options available. 

It is a common misconception that divorce lawyers want cases to drag. That’s not how things work. The role of a divorce lawyer is to simplify things, and they will advice on how you can minimize the time required for the whole process. Check online now for best-rated attorneys and lawyers for divorce in Salt Lake City.