Ways to Convert PDF into Word for free

PDF is a format of a file created by Adobe. People widely use PDFs because of their easy-to-read features. It can be read on various platforms on mobile phones, computers, and laptops. According to the need, some might change the PDF format into Word for editing. There are many ways to convert a PDF into Word format for free.

To understand better, there are two types of PDF. One is the text, version and the other one is the scanned version. The text version is easily edited in Word. At the same time, the scanned version requires the OCR (optical character recognition) technology in order to convert the PDF into Word format.

In this article, we are going to read some of the ways that you can use to convert PDF to Word for free.

Use a free online PDF to Word converter

The easiest way to convert a PDF into a Word format is online. Many sites provide the facility. All you have to follow are the following steps to do so:

  • Search for platforms that provide converting PDF into word facility on your web browser.
  • Carefully read and open the platform.
  • Upload your PDF file by searching the option of uploading or converting.
  • Select the “convert into Word” option; it might take a few seconds or minutes to convert your PDF file into Word format.
  • You will have your Word format to edit further.

Google PDF to Word converter

Google has provided its customers with a Google Docs facility. People prefer Google Docs to convert Google PDF into Word files. You can open a PDF file on Google Docs and change its extension to docs, txt, RTF, epub, etc. The following steps will lead you to change your PDF into Word format.

  • Open the Google docs on your phone or text top and log in with your Google account.
  • Please find the file icon and click on it to upload your PDF file.
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on the open with tab and open it with Google Docs.
  • Finally, you have to download the file and select .Docs extension to save the file in Word format.

Note: Google Docs allows you to convert the PDF file into a Word file, including the scanned PDF files. The drawback with Google Docs is that it does not alter the images present in the PDF. It converts all the text into Word format. So, if you have a PDF that contains images, don’t go this way.

Use Microsoft Word to convert PDF into Word

Microsoft provides the easiest way to convert a PDF file into a Word file. If you have Microsoft Word installed on your desktop or laptop, you need not go any other way to convert PDF to Word. Unless your PDF file’s extension is not complicated, it can easily be converted into a Word file through your inbuilt Microsoft software.

‘PDF reflow’ is the built-in feature in Microsoft Word that provides easy conversion of a PDF file into an editable Word file.