Types of gaming keyboards connection

The mode through which your keyboard connects to your gaming setup is a very important consideration. There are several different connection modes and knowing them will help you a lot when choosing. In this article, I will highlight the main types of keyboard connections to assist you when you need to choose.

Wireless connections

A wireless connection is the kind of connection that happens without a wire or cable for that matter. The connection is done through either a dongle or Bluetooth technology. When Bluetooth technology is used, the small mechanical gaming keyboard you choose will come with a button that turns Bluetooth capability on and off. When Bluetooth is turned on, you will also have to turn on Bluetooth on the gaming console so that the two devices can pair. There are a few setting you will need to set to complete the pairing. You may only need to set the pairing the first time and then it will happen automatically the other times you connect the devices.

Wireless connection removed the constraint that wired keyboards have because of the long cords that accompany them. Wireless keyboards are more expensive, but are worth the high price you will have to pay for them.

Wired keyboards

Wired keyboards come with a cord that is used to link them to a gaming setup. The cord is usually made very long to give gamers some flexibility while playing. However, the very flexibility that gamers get from the long cords is also one of the main disadvantages of wired keyboards. The long cords can be a real nuisance in the playing environment. You will need to keep organizing the cord so that it does not mess up your gaming space.

The cord can also be a huge safety hazard because you can easily trip on it and fall. However, wired keyboards do not require you to change batteries every time because they do not use batteries. Wireless keyboards rely on power from lithium batteries and they stop functioning when the batteries die. This can be a major drawback, especially if it happens while you are in the middle of a game.

Types of wired connections

Wired connections are of two major types, that is, USB and PS2. USB connections are the most common connection types available today. Most consoles come with this type of connection. The main drawback with this type of wired connection is that you are likely to experience delays in hits when the USB bus becomes overloaded. The second drawback is that simultaneous hits are often restricted, with the restriction varying based on the model you are using.

PS2 connection offers better connection, but has become obsolete today. This connection offers simultaneous hits. Signals get transmitted via hardware interrupts and not via hardware survey. You can expect no delays in this type of keyboard connection. PS2 connections are no longer available, especially in most recent gaming consoles. People complain a lot about USB connections for longer response times.