Top 5 Motorcycle Accessories You Must Have In 2020

Riding your bike with helmets is mandatory by law. However, riding a bike with only helmets will surely ensure your safety but it will not make you look cool. Also, you should insure your bike with two wheeler insurance for overall safety. With the rise in technology, you should be aware of the motorcycle accessories that are both cool and will help you while riding. We have made the list of top 5 motorcycle accessories that you must have in 2020:

An Armored Leather Jacket

What is cooler than a thick, and solid motorcycle jacket. You might be thinking that what will this cool-looking piece of leather jacket do, other than make you look stylish? Well, it will protect your precious skin, in case of an accident as it will take the brunt of skids and drags. You should look for armored features on the elbows and shoulders, which often sustain injuries. You should buy a jacket that comes with features like airflow, thermal body warmers, and waterproof materials.


A high-quality earplug completes the upper body bike gear. Many people believe that earplugs make it hard to stay focused and connected to the road, which is wrong. The only thing that earplugs cuts are the high-pitched wind noise. This will not protect your highly sensitive ears but will also make you feel more relaxed and less tired after a long ride.

Riding Pants

Those jeans that you wear during your rides can get ripped in a matter of seconds. Even if you wore the thickest and most durable pair of jeans you have, they will rip as they are not built for safe riding. Well, you can always buy riding pants that come with a Kevlar lining that will be your Armor on the road. If you want something affordable then you can always go for jeans that come with Cordura textile. These riding pants offer good abrasion resistance and are not too bulky.

Tough Boots

Other than your hands, your legs and feet are at most risk of damage in case of an accident. So, make sure you buy riding boots that can keep your feet encased and protective. And if you are worried about style then you haven’t seen the range of riding footwear that comes with luxurious and premium designs. These boots come with advanced features such as reinforced toe tips, soles, and padding that protect the small bones on your feet.

Tool Kit

Your bike can get breakdown anytime anywhere. You may not be able to get the help that you need. That’s why it is advisable to get a complete roadside toolkit that includes Allen sockets, wrenches, top motorcycle spoke wrenches, few cable ties, screwdrivers, microfiber towels for cleanup, pliers, and a multi-purpose tool. Also, if you are planning to go for long road trips, then you should also carry a self-bunded fuel tank that will store extra fuel for emergencies.

The above-mentioned list of motorcycle accessories is a must-have as it not only makes you look cool but also protects you from accidents. You should also buy two wheeler insurance to ensure overall security. Remember to renew your bike insurance on time to continue the policy.