Top 10 Best Selling Naked Vape Juice Flavors 2021

If you are a vaping fan, you must be aware that naked vape juices are one of the most popular and preferred e-liquid lines. They are manufactured by the very successful and well-established Schwartz E-Liquid group. This company is wholly based in Long Beach, California, and they are known as Naked 100. Although people anticipate many things about their primary objective, you should know that this company’s simple vision was to craft unique fruit mixes that didn’t require massive social media campaigns or any fancy labeling.

So, this means that Naked 100 wants their naked vape juice to do the talking while they concentrate on coming out with a product that people will succumb to. All the different flavors offered by Naked 100 are authentic and crisp, but they are entirely natural. You can’t deny that currently, Naked 100’s liquid flavors are among the best in the category. They can achieve such an extraordinary juice manufacturing level using only the best USP grade ingredients that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Let’s look at the top 10 best selling naked vape juices flavors 2021 in this blog post.

Hawaiian Pog

This vape juice from Naked 100 contains one of the best combinations of unique tropical fruit, and this is why it has been named the Hawaiian Pog. The concentrates of this juice contain (as per the listing) tangy passion fruit, oranges, along with smooth guava. The only thing that makes this vape juice amazing and unique is the combination of the fruits, and once you start using it, you will surely fall in love with it.

Lava Flow

This juicy mix from Naked 100 is worth being mentioned in the top 10 list of the best vape juices. If you are looking for a perfect balance of exotic fruits that blend to give you an ideal vape, you should go for Lava flow without any second thoughts.

Amazing mango

This is the third tropical blend in our list from Naked 100, and you can never get enough of this fantastic flavor. This is a personal favorite of many vape lovers, and it is made out of ripe mangoes, thick cream, and golden peaches. The taste is so unique that it never gets old.

All lemon

This belongs to the top-selling category of melon flavors from Naked 100. Some of the world’s best melons are fused to offer vaping lovers a surreal vaping experience. When you vape this liquid, then you will find your mouth filled with the flavors of zesty honeydew, watermelon, and even dense cantaloupe.

Really berry

If you are passionate about berries, you should go for this one as it contains two of the best berries along with a dash of lemon. This is a summer-inspired liquid vape, making vaping easy, smooth, and refreshing. The sweet blueberries and blackberries will taste like real things.

Very Cool

It is almost similar to Really Berry, but in addition to blackberries and blueberries, the Very Cool contains menthol undertones and raspberries. If you love to get an icy hit, this is the flavor to go for while vaping.

Naked Unicorn

Not only the name but even the flavor of this vaping liquid is unique. We can say that it has got a pretty specific taste, and this is why it is so smooth and easy to vape. A perfect balance of dense cream and fresh strawberries used in this juice will make your day.

Green Blast

It is undoubtedly an ideal name for all the green fruit e-liquid mix. You will find a combination of honeydew, green apples, and even kiwi fruit in its concentration. This combination might look surprising, but it has got a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. You must have never tasted anything like this before, and that’s what makes it so unique.

Maui Sun

This naked vape juice will make your tongue tingle in anticipation of a bold mix that is entirely citrus-inspired. This juice’s ideal blend contains tasty tart pineapple flavor and tangerine undertones, and tangy orange.

Brain Freeze

This is nothing like your typical mixed fruit or menthol naked vape juice. It includes strawberry, kiwi fruit, and even red pomegranate. The highly refreshing cool hit that you will get from this vape juice will be something out of the world, and that’s why this juice has been able to make it to our top 10 list.

All these vape juices from Naked 100 are excellent as all of them are unique and will give you a refreshing experience. However, it all depends on your taste, preference, and needs when it comes down to choosing the best one among them.