Tips on enjoying a better hookah taste

Have you ever faced comments at a shisha party that this shisha is not as per the standards? Hookah of that place is amazing and the same of a certain place is just awful. All these comments are not baseless. Most of the times, people are not able to determine what is wrong, but they are experienced enough to know that ‘something’ is wrong with shisha making. If you have yet not mastered the making art of shisha, you should read this article to end and in this article, you will learn to know the various tips and tricks through which you can also learn to make a good shisha. If you do not intend to sell it commercially and all you need to learn is on how to make a good hookah at friends’ gatherings, you should also learn these techniques. When you have an idea of making a good shisha, your friends would wait for a shisha Tabak invitation from your end!

Tips and tricks:

Most people think that shisha making is not a difficult task and anybody can do the same with almost the same results. However, this is not true. Shisha making is not just pouring water in the base and adding the flavor at top. There are a lot of things which you need to consider before you actually master the technique of making a good hookah. Following are some tips and tricks which will enable you to make a good shisha for gatherings at your home.

Go with cold water:

Have you ever noticed that the shisha makers at cafes use cold water in the base? This is for a reason. If you want to enjoy a thick smoke which would last for a longer period, you should add cold water. In fact, you can add some ice to enjoy the shisha fun for elongated hours. When you add ice, it will melt slowly, keeping the temperature of base water cold for quite a long time. The only con of adding ice is that it will reduce the taste of tobacco. If you do not want to experience this drawback, you should change the water in base two to three times during the shisha session.

Do not put a lot of flavor in the bowl!

Some people would add more than the required quantity of flavor in the bowl in a ‘hope’ to get a better and amazing experience. The truth is thatthere must be an equilibrium in the quantity of flavor / tobacco you are adding in the bowl and the water which you have added in the base. Furthermore, you should always leave some space at the top so the foil paper never comes in contact with the flavor, otherwise the tobacco and flavor would start burning soon because of direct coal contact and whole shisha experience would be ruined. When you are done with making shisha, always blow some air out which will clear the passage and will give you a much better experience.