The Untold Secret To Shirt Room In Less Than 10 Minutes

A shirt room is becoming day by day popular in Korean and other countries because every person has their fetishes they want to complete. So, all these fetishes are provided by the 잉게 윈터 셔츠 룸.  But if you are someone who doesn’t know what is a 셔츠 룸 all about and what services they provide, then you have surely come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss all things you need to know about shirt rooms in brief. 

What’sWhat’s a shirt room?

Shirt room is one kind of fetish rooms whose service provides a perfect room time with one or the other lady depending on the taste of the individuals. They reward their guests with the perfect room service not to feel that they have wasted their money. And before entering the shirt rooms, you are given an option to select among the best 30 girls. 

What is available in the shirt room?

After confirming your option, the shirt room is not only about chatting. It’s a no-bra shirt room where you can enjoy space-time with your girl’s choice in a no bra with just panties after meeting all the staff system. 

The time duration is given to stay in the shirt room.

One hour 20 minutes is the time duration which is given to each guest in the shirt room. 

What’s the price of one shirt room?

Honestly, there is no fixed price of the shirt rooms as it can vary depending on many factors such as the time duration and how many guests want to go at a time. Thus, below are a few price lists of shirt rooms you can prefer to visit the shirt room soon.

  • 3, 80, 000 KRW – This is the price for two guests at a time.
  • 4, 90, 000 KRW – Price for three guests.
  • 7, 40, 000 KRW – Price of 4 guests.

Note: The above price list is per shirt room. 

What is the rule of Shirt Room?

  • Depending on your taste, choose your favorite girl from the different options given to you.
  • Let the mood go with a straightforward chat with the girl of your choosing.
  • And in the shirt room, you can enjoy a hot drink after the greeting period is over.

Why should you choose 잉게 윈터 셔츠 룸?

  • We have perfect employees.
  • Eighty minutes of service.
  • Without remorse, you should use it because it improves price satisfaction.
  • Based on your interests, personalized recommendations.
  • Provides quality services.
  • We are working on a truthful operation. 

Sum up

I hope this article would have helped you know what a shirt room is and what kinds of services it provides. Thus, now you can decide whether you want to try shirt rooms or not. Also, learn more about its other interesting services and avail the best one for yourself now.