Steps To Follow When Personalized Paint By Number

There are many activities that we enjoy doing during our free time. Some of us like to paint, draw, cook, dance, and so much. Some of us are just obsessed with perfection.  For the painter inside you, we present personalized paint by number. You might be thinking, what’s this. As from the name itself, we can draw the idea that it’s about painting with the help of numbers. This is a really fun way to make awesome paintings.

How to get one of the personalized paint by number? 

To get your personalized paint by number, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

  • Search on your mobile device for personalized paint by number.
  • Click on any website you like
  • Select the picture you want to paint
  • Select the color and canvas sheet you want. You can choose from:
  1. Standard
  2. High definition
  3. Real like
  • Add this to cart and continue with the checkout process
  • For any queries, you can give a call or just email it

How does the magic happen? 

  • Take out the canvas sheet and paints from the magical box.
  • Match the number on the canvas sheet with the number written on the paint
  • Paint the numbers accordingly
  • And before you even know your masterpiece is ready.

What’s inside the kit? 

  • A canvas of 16*20 inches having numbers printed on it.
  • An acrylic paint set. No mixing of color is needed; everything is already prepared.
  • To paint, three brushes are given.
  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large

What’s the need to buy one? 

  • We all have that one favorite picture that we want to keep for a lifetime. So here’s your chance to cherish and recreate your favorite memories.
  • Best for gifting it to your friend or family. They will love it.
  • You will never get bored of it. No matter how many you have painted, you’ll never stop obsessing over them.
  • You’ll get a new relaxing hobby.
  • You don’t need to be a professional painter to paint this, but you’ll surely feel like one when you’ll see the results.
  • Making and handling them is easy.

What picture can I select?

We know how important memories are for you. And for us, you’re important. So we don’t want you to feel restricted while choosing the picture.

You can select any picture you want to paint if you like a picture with a dog, or a cat, or maybe some friends, or it’s just a picture of you. You can paint anything. It doesn’t matter from which device you have taken the picture, whether it’s taken from your apple or android phone or a DSLR.

What else do we offer? 

At personalized paint by number, we offer you some extra benefits.

Free shipping is available on all orders. We ship love to every part of the world. A 30-day return and refund policy is available. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.