Stay Healthy! Stay Insured!

No one wants to imagine or think about what could possibly go wrong. The diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, or any other life-threatening disease or condition usually implies unexpected costs. These unforeseen diseases, when diagnosed, will mean the person has to spend a lot of money on starting and maintaining the treatment of the condition. Specified Disease Insurance comes in handy to lessen this impact by paying a lump-sum of money towards the treatment of the diseases. This ensures that those insured can focus more on their recovery rather than on their finances.

How Does It Work?

The specified disease insurance is offered to people who are insured before they are diagnosed with a given medical condition. The first time an insured individual is diagnosed with a disease insured against, they get to receive one-time lump-sum money that is equal to their plan’s benefit amount. They are at liberty to spend this benefit however they choose to. Some of the conditions that are covered by this type of insurance are invasive cancer, heart attack, minor cancer, stroke, major organ failure, end-stage renal disease, coronary artery disease, and several other high-risk diseases. The benefit is not feasible for individuals who enrolled after they had been diagnosed with the disease.

Here Is Why This Is Great for You

The specified disease insurance is essential to anyone’s life, especially with the increasing cases of diagnosis of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart and other major organ diseases. This financial support could go a long way in easing the burden associated with hospital bills and different needs that arise from such conditions. Some of the benefits of this insurance are discussed below.

The insurance scheme is payable regardless of any other coverages. An individual will receive his or her full benefit even if he or she has other insurances that offer other covers.

This insurance scheme has flexible enrollment options. It is not an uphill task to enrol for the specified disease insurance policy—all it takes in the agreement to raise the regular premiums at the right time and guarantors. An individual can take the policy with a minimum of only five enrolled employees.

This scheme goes a long way in easing the burden of financing for health treatment. They say health is everyone’s biggest asset, but it comes with a cost if disease sets in. It is costly to finance the treatment of severe illnesses such as cancer. It is therefore advisable for people to enrol to this insurance policy to keep themselves on the safe side.

In conclusion, the specified disease insurance policy is fundamental in the health sector because it helps reduce the burden incurred as a result of the expensive treatment of major diseases. This is a well-thought-out service that many are bound to benefit. This is because of the increase in the tendency to get major lifestyle diseases as people age. It is therefore paramount to consider enrolling to this scheme to stay on the safe side and avoid unintended costs of treatment in future.