Renting a house or an apartment?| Cheap Toronto movers

Should you rent a house or an apartment? Now, this is an important question. People in Toronto move quite often, so you might also find yourself in the search for your next rental in the city. Whether you are a student or a working professional, both options could be just as good for you. As moving services Toronto, we are frequently requested to help customers relocate into rented apartments and houses. At this point, we cannot really tell which are the most wanted. While apartments used to be the most popular choice for renters, houses are becoming more attractive to people of all ages and backgrounds. Each of the two choices offers its own benefits, so you should consider a few aspects before making a choice. We hope this article helps.


Yes, this is a major concern and one of the most important to think about before taking the step. Houses are much larger and many times, they come with a yard or a garden, so it only makes sense that they are more expensive. Let’s not forget the fact that utilities will cost you more as the space you live in is larger. So if you are on a tight budget, regardless of whether you are going to live alone or with someone, consider an apartment. Rents are generally much cheaper and you can find all kinds of places, of all sizes, all over Toronto. If you are not sure where to start your search from, get in touch with your cheap Toronto movers and ask for guidance! At Let’s Get Moving, we are always glad to help customers, even with issues of this kind.


If the budget is not very restrictive, you might take into consideration both options. In that case, houses become the more appealing option for people with children, with a large family, or with pets. Especially if they have backyards, houses are perfect for families of this kind. For party people, they are ideal, as well. At Let’s Get Moving, as cheap Toronto movers, we helped relocate into houses singles or couples who just needed larger spaces to make them feel freer. A garage and a driveway are also advantages to take into consideration. Again, these are needs that each of us has to consider for ourselves before deciding whether to rent an apartment or a house.


Living in an apartment brings a fair share of noise. You can soundproof the place all you want, and noise will still find a way to sneak in. Neighbours who like to party every weekend or newborns who can’t sleep properly at night are just two of the issues you might encounter. Let’s not even think about the noise made during a restoration process! Of course, living in a house gives you more control over everything around you. You will avoid some of the loud noises and you will have more intimacy. The sense of community is still there, usually. As cheap Toronto movers, we always see manifestations of kindness from neighbours of people we help relocate. Whether it is some help given when needed, a car moved farther in order to clear the alley, or a garage offered as storage for a short while, neighbours are often kind. But no worries, you might get to enjoy this even if you live in an apartment building.

Building amenities

If you thought there is no way apartments have advantages over houses, think again! One word: amenities. When you rent an apartment, you gain access to everything the building has to offer. The park in the front, the fitness centre downstairs, and even a swimming pool, if you are lucky. Apartment buildings have property managers who take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the exterior spaces. So no worries about who gets to cut the lawn and who gets to clean the alley this week. Even on your first day, when the cheap Toronto movers you hired are unloading your belongings, you will see the advantages of living in an apartment building. Houses have their own advantages, and some amenities are more common in house rentals. You will see for yourself.


Now, this depends more on the area you move to, instead of the type of home you rent. But it is more common for apartments to be in areas near coffee shops, restaurants, and public transport stations. Make sure you calculate very carefully what you need to have easy access to. This could also weigh a lot on the decision regarding whether to rent a house or an apartment.

Once the decision has been made, contact your favourite cheap Toronto movers to help out! Let’s Get Moving promises to offer you a seamless move at an affordable cost. And we operate all over Toronto and the movers Toronto area since more than 10 years ago, so we can also help with recommendations. Get in touch with us today!