Ideas to Best Utilize Your Shoe Rack

Most of us are hoarders of footwear and love to buy different types of shoes, stilettos, pumps, bellies, loafers, sneakers, sandals, flats, and more. Although buying may not be a huge task, storing them in good condition for as long as it takes is undoubtedly a task. Therefore many of us stumble shoeracks but might fail in storing shoes correctly.

To ease up your task, we have some cool storage ideas for your shoes that will not only keep them intact but also give your corridor or entrance a clean and polished look. Here are some shoe rack ideas that you can use to amp up your decor:

Tilt-down drawers for a sophisticated look:

You can choose from a wide variety of wooden or metal shoe racks in the form of a chest of drawers. HomeTown’s Alder offers one such design. What makes this design a standout is its pull-down drawer design. If you own only a selected pair of footwear from different categories, then you can neatly place your footwear in each section of this shoe rack by dedicating separate drawers for different footwear.

Open racks that feature a stylish look:

If you are someone who prefers keeping shoes outside the home, then you can go for open shoe racks. However, the primary problem with open shoe racks is the accumulation of dust and dirt on your footwear. So, to avoid this, you can place your footwear in ziplock bags or container boxes before organizing them in the shoe rack. This way, you not only ensure the safety of your footwear but also avoid the messy and shabby look caused due to footwear placed in the open. You can check out DIY Furniture’s Jaco Shoe Rack.

Grab a seat while you tie those laces:

Gone are those days when wearing shoes was a real pain, as you had to struggle to catch hold of something to prevent yourself from falling. You can now tie those laces comfortably by sitting on a stool. There are many shoe rack designs like the one offered by HomeTown’s Halton. You have a seat attached to the shoe cabinet itself, so you don’t have to invest in a separate seating stool. There is sufficient space that can hold a maximum of your footwear, whether stiletto heels, pumps, wedges, or formal shoes.

Hide your shoes away:

For those who don’t love to display their footwear, you can go for a cabinet-style shoe rack enclosed behind doors. You can even place this shoe rack outside your home or near the entrance and use the tabletop to place pictures, indoor plants, or some figurines. This way, you not only utilize the space within but also on top to jazz up your living room or entrance. Designs like Frodo, Cyra, or Cosmic by HomeTown can be your go-to options.

Shut them behind the closed door:

For smaller spaces, a fabric shoe rack can be apt. You can place your shoes in the ziplock bags or set them as it is in the pouches of the stand. This way, you can dedicate an entire row for the specific type of footwear in case you own more than a pair of the same type. These fabric racks come with covers to avoid displaying footwear. You can hang this fabric shoe organizer on the back of your main door or mount it on the nearby wall. So, don’t forget to check out designs like Robin or Umbra by Paffy.

Organize space with single freestanding shoe cabinets:

Thanks to freestanding designs like Albert by HomeTown or Alonzo by CasaCraft for providing space-savior shoe racks. You can now store your shoes conveniently in smaller spaces with these standalone shoe racks that can be placed even in the corners. You can put them even outside your house without the worry of theft or damage to your shoes, as they will be enclosed securely inside a tall cabinet.

Not a shoe hoarder:

For those who are not a big fan of footwear and can go about years with only a few pairs like formal shoes, sneakers, or flats, there are compact designs in which you can invest. You have collections like Ojaswi by Mudramark, Eden by Royal Oak, Kaira or Tuskar by HomeTown. These shoe racks will hardly take up any space in your home or outside your home, and come with a comfortable seating option.

These were some easy-breezy ideas to organize your shoes in the simplest ways using classy and affordable shoe rack options. So, wait no more and start organizing your footwear using one of these ideas.