How To Easily Hip Up Your Apple Watch

Picture this, it is an amazing morning on a labor day, you are heading towards your favorite coffee shop and while you are doing this, your wrist gives a signal, it is a reminder of a meeting. Thank you apple watch! As you are starting to walk to get there you can see almost everyone has one of these, and they all look the same.

It is true, nowadays technology is in everybody’s hand, yes it changes every few months but the aesthetics do not, so how can you get something that sets you apart? How to show who you really are?

The answer is simple, CUSTOMIZE IT!! Hey, don’t worry it doesn’t mean that it will cost you tons of money, a new strap for apple watch can do the magic.

But not every strap will do, the Apple Watch is not exactly cheap, it has sensors that need to be properly adjusted to your wrist to collect the right data for your health apps, and every new generation comes with new features,  therefore the first thing to look in for is a good fit.

Apple has its own straps, but they are kind of expensive and once again, too many people have those. Thankfully there are a lot of options, materials, and looks.  To choose the right one you must consider how much money you want to spend on a new strap for the Apple watch, things like metal or exotic leather are quite expensive.

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. If you are an executive maybe you would prefer a more classic look, steel, leather, solid colors. Maybe one with a little bit of color on the stitching to reflect your unique personality.

If you are an athlete or a swimmer, a rubber strap is a right thing. It is resistant, affordable, it will not get ruined with water, and depending on the design you choose they are breathable. There are some cool designs, such as camo in numerous colors, solid ones, with your favorite cartoon or superhero.

Maybe you are into fashion and luxury, there are sites where you will find python, crocodile, snake, ostrich and many more exotic leathers, of course, they will cost you but hey you deserve it!

One more thing to consider is the weather on the beach. A metal strap will get very hot making it unpleasant for you to wear it, the same thing will happen in a cold one. High humidity ruins leathers and that amazing crocodile strap was not cheap you know? A rubber one could fit, and if it is raining or you swim or go diving it will become your best friend it will do the trick if you are looking for a rap look too.

The point is no matter what you like or who you are, finding a new strap for apple watch is easier than ever and so many options makes it easier for you to express yourself, who says the sky’s the limit?