Guide to Buying CNC Router Machines

CNC router machines have gained immense popularity as they can be used in a variety of projects. If one is looking for an efficient machinery addition to business, CNC router machines can be a big boost. Starting from sheet plastic fabrication, sign making, furniture building, cabinet making, sheet metal machining, etc., the CNC machines can offer a new level to one’s business. While getting hold of them, seeking services from the right cnc router machine suppliers is of utmost importance.

Beneficial to businesses

CNC router machines are widely used across industries because of their advantages. Because of their wide range of applications, and high-cost performance, they offer huge profit margins to businesses. Because there are myriad choices available in the market, selecting the apt CNC machine can be overwhelming. There are certain aspects to consider before making the final decision of buying it. Choosing the drive system

CNC machines are known to consist of three types of drive systems. They are:

  1. Rack and Pinion

This drive system operates optimally when one has to consider using axes greater than 4 feet in length. Furthermore, they have lower costs. If one has to work on the z-axis, this drive system can cost money as well as time while setting correctly for the purpose.

  1. Lead Screw

When compared with Rack and Pinion, Lead Screw is known to be more accurate. But when they are used for projects for a longer time, they are not required. When compared with the Ball Screw drive systems they don’t function as effectively for high-speed applications and continuous long cycle times. But the Lead Screw functions quite well in the case of vertical applications.

  1. Ball Screw

If compared, the Ball Screw is the most expensive form of the drive system. But it can be of immense help when one has to consider working with large materials as there is greater efficiency and accuracy.

Depending on one’s requirements, budget, and time, the CNC drive system should be considered. The most important aspect is to ensure that the right cnc router machine suppliers are shortlisted.

Steeper versus Servo Mortar System

While considering CNC router machines, one will be encountered with the Steeper motor system and the Servo motor system. They have a different number of magnetic poles that bring in the difference in accuracy level. Steeper motors usually have 50 to 100 magnetic poles, while Servo motors consist of only 4 to 12.

When there is a greater number of magnetic poles, there is more accuracy without any position feedback. Thus, it is clear that accuracy is better and easier with the Steeper motors. Furthermore, the Steeper motors are easily available in the market and cost less as well. The Servo motors are uncommon but they have better efficiency.

Weight of the machine

Considering heavier machines is a better idea as they provide more robust performance. When the machine is bulky there is less vibration and the cut is more accurate. But if there is any consideration that one needs to transport CNC machines, choosing lighter products is recommended.


The above-mentioned are the three most vital aspects that must be considered when buying from cnc router machine suppliers. The right weight of the CNC router machine, along with the selection of the apt drive system and motor system are important buying guides that cannot be ignored.