Going Through the Alone Times after the Funeral

Bereaved families need the most help after the funeral ceremony in Singapore. A lot of people are not comfortable and topics related to death. Also, they may not know how to help somebody who has lost a loved one.

After the funeral is over, the survivor may feel isolated and alone in the grief. The days with many people around are replaced by emptiness and endless tasks including the need to sort through paperwork and possessions. For a lot of those who lost a loved one, the days following the funeral are tougher than the funeral itself.

How to Get Through the Weeks After the Funeral

The grieving part, for most people, the real grieving begins after the funeral is over. Friends and loved ones have returned home and the grieving family is left with loneliness. If you and your family have lost a loved one, stay in touch with other members of your family after the funeral. This will ensure you continue to get the support and encouragement you need. The days and weeks after the funeral will be an adjustment period, so don’t expect things to return to normal immediately. Take time organizing and scheduling things that must be handled. Check if the deceased have deadlines in their affairs. Moreover, plan in advance how will go through the deceased’s possessions. Meet with other members of the family and talk about items that must be distributed within the family.

Some Forms of Help you Need after the Funeral

As you grieve, you will need comfort, support, and strength from others. After the funeral, you will appreciate some people to tell you they are just a phone call away. Naturally, you will not want other people with your pain may be because you want to confine yourself in your own space or feel embarrassed for having to seek help. But, try to welcome any calls, texts, and messages from concerned people.

Moreover, it can help you create a new tradition. Perhaps, most of your life has been shared with the deceased. Your trips to the grocery store can bring back memories and re-emphasise the pain of the loss. But, you can welcome a caring friend into your mourning life to help you make memories that include the loved one you lost. With this friend, go to new places to eat or shop or attend local events that were not celebrated or take short trips you never visited before.