Features That Can Help to Sell Your House Fast

A house with stainless steel appliances is said to sell faster than homes without such a feature. Aside from these, price, location, architectural style, and interior features can also affect how quickly a house will sell. Properties that fall under the categories below are most likely to sell faster than average.

Average-sized house

If your house is between big and small, then it has a higher chance of selling faster. The homes that are fastest to sell are those between 1,500 to 2,000 square feet with a price of about $194,000. Houses that are more than 10,000 square feet and priced at an average of $3.45 million stays longer on the market for about 173 days.

House with low-price point

Home buyers are becoming wiser as the national home ownership rate becomes lower. According to real estate data, houses that are listed between $200,000 to $250,000 are sold about 83 days faster compared to others.

A pricey house takes longer to sell. Take the most expensive home in Minnesota as an example. It is priced at $24,000 million, and it has been listed on the market for about eight years.

Stainless steel appliances

According to real estate data from experts dealing with we buy houses in Fort Lauderdale, houses with stainless steel appliances sell 15% quicker compared to the average. They sell in around 79 days, which can help to maximize the return of investment of the owner.

On the other hand, houses with fireplaces sell slower than average at about 94 days. These kinds of properties have an average price point of $290,000.

House near schools

A house that is near to schools is also faster to sell than other homes. If your home is among them, expect to sell your home in about 79 days. Also, homes near schools tend to receive more reviews. Meanwhile, home buyers are least interested in homes near hospitals.

City skylines

Many people choose to live in city skyline due to the scenic view. Such property sells in about 83 days with an average price of $450,000. Next to city skyline properties are houses near a golf course that have an average of 90 days sell-off with a price of around $412,500.

Spanish style homes

Spanish style homes are the fastest to sell. While it only represents 1% of most real estate markets, its high price doesn’t affect its demand. Spanish style homes take only 47 days on the market.

If your home is listed under these categories, you can expect to sell it faster than average. The features of your home can attract potential home buyers, especially those that have advantageous inclusions such as stainless steel appliances, breathtaking views, and those that are located near schools. Aside from these things, a house that is reasonably priced spends less time in listings too compared to those that are overpriced. Spanish style houses are also faster to sell compared to traditional homes despite their high price.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/MP0bgaS_d1c