Exploring the Lesser-known Places in Dubai

Dubai is known for its over-the-top luxury. But, beyond the luxurious hotels and sprawling malls lies many hidden gems that are worth exploring. Read on to know about a few of these lesser-known places that you must visit.

Over the past decade or so, Dubai has turned into a monumental melting pot of cultures. From being a barren desert to becoming one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, the Arabian land has come a long way. Known for its sprawling malls, luxurious mall, tall skyscrapers, and thriving nightlife, the small city attracts tourists from all over the world and all year around.

Apart from all the much-hyped tourist hotspots, including the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and the Burl Al Arab, Dubai also holds within some secret yet equally alluring tourist spots. These places are lesser known and if you have a penchant for discovering the hidden places, you must consider visiting the following places.

Bastakiya Quarter

Known for its exquisite architecture, Bastakiya Quarter was built in the 18th Century and it served as the home to the wealthy Persian merchants who visited Dubai for trade. Laced with wooden doors, and lattices, this spectacular tower has a unique charm that you may not find anywhere in modern Dubai.

While it looks magnificent during the day, it becomes even more enchanting at night when it is lit up with numerous lights. A visit to the quarter will make you feel like you are travelling back in time to the ancient times when Dubai was not the modern city it has become today.

XVA Art Hotel

Although this beautiful hotel is part of Bastakiya Quarter, it deserves a special mention because of its 14 distinctly designed rooms. This boutique hotel was once home to a local Arab family and today it is known to serve some of the best mint tea and Cheesecake in Dubai.

People who have stayed here have one thing to say – ‘If you spend one night at this hotel, you may never want to leave this place.’ So, you can probably book a one-way Mumbai to Dubai air tickets and enjoy staying at the hotel forever.

Miracle Garden

True to its name, the Miracle garden is home to millions of flowers, some of them very exotic species. No matter, if you like flowers or not, visiting the miracle garden will surely leave you gasping in awe with its sheer colourfulness and natural beauty. You may not find anything like this anywhere on the earth where you can see more than 45 million flowers blooming and smiling at their glory in the middle of the desert.

Inside the garden, you can also find different monuments that are adorned with flowers such as a replica of the Burj Khalifa, a huge clock, and many more. The garden is open for the visitors only during the winters. This is to save the tourists from the blistering heat during the summer.

Emirates Kart Zone

Do you like some adventure and the adrenaline rush of a high-speed car race? If yes, then you must visit the Emirates Kart Zone, which is located just about seven-minutes away from the Dubai mall. If you are travelling to Dubai with your friends or with your partner, you can challenge them for a race and bring out your competitive spirit. Or, you can just have a little fun driving around the track in the Karts.

Dragon Mart

Dubai is a mecca for shopping lovers. And, it would be a sin to return without indulging in some retail therapy in Dubai. But, if you don’t have enough moolah to spend at the mall, you can head to the Dragon Mart, which houses the largest number of Chinese traders under one roof. Here you can find everything from furniture, to toys, and machinery to decorative items.

Final Word

So, enjoy your visit to these lesser-known places in Dubai and have a great experience that you will cherish for a long time.