Best Reference Books for Class 10 CBSE and ICSE Maths Exams

Exams, be it at entrance level, school level or university level every student has to face the pressure of exams. Students of Class 10 must be little extra cautions while facing the 10th board exams as it is a very crucial stage for any Class 10 student since it’s time for them to choose the right stream after class 10, so students have to be very careful while facing the 10th board exams. Be it CBSE or ICSE board, all students will have to face the heat of the exams.

Few questions like how to prepare for the exams, which books to refer to, how to score more marks in the board exams, such questions might be running in students mind. To help students of CBSE Class 10 in preparation for their board exams, we suggest studying from NCERT books as it is the best information source. Few students might feel Maths as one of the most challenging subjects, so studying from NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths helps students understand the concepts clearly and efficiently which in turn yields good scores in the board exams.

Maths is considered one of the most exciting and challenging subjects. For students of ICSE board, studying from ML Aggarwal books is the best. This book has covered all the topics of each chapter in the most lucid manner for students to grasp the concepts quickly. Students aiming to score high marks in their board exams can refer to ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 10 Maths since these solutions are prepared by industry experts keeping in mind the students grasping abilities. Students find the best solutions to the problems which are explained in step by step manner for easy understanding.

Here are a few tips for CBSE students on how to prepare from NCERT books:

NCERT books are developed and prescribed by the CBSE board itself. Studying from these books may lead students to achieve their goals.

The significant benefits of using NCERT books are as follows:

  • CBSE board usually asks questions from the NCERT books alone. Hence, students are suggested to rely on NCERT books entirely.
  • Complex topics are explained in simple steps for students to grasp the concepts quickly.
  • Students can refer to previous year question papers, sample papers to know the important questions usually asked in the board exams.
  • Know the weightage of each chapter before preparing for the exams.
  • Students can opt to learn Maths solutions anywhere and at any time.

Here are a few tips for ICSE students on how to prepare from ML Aggarwal books:

The significant benefits of using ML Aggarwal books are as follows:

  • Students, when preparing from ML Aggarwal books they get an idea what type of questions are usually asked in the exam and helps in preparing at ease without any pressure.
  • Students can study and plan accordingly so that they can assess their knowledge gap with the help of these books.
  • The solutions are explained with proper graphs and illustrations to help students understand the concepts clearly.
  • Shortcut techniques are used to help students solve the problems quickly.
  • More number of sample questions are provided for revision and practice purposes.

Hence, students who aspire to score high marks in Class 10 board exams are advised to plan and prepare accordingly concerning their boards. Solving the questions from these books will help students to revise the subject and write the exams more confidently without any exam fear.

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