Are there any exercises for curing constant neck pain?

Neck and shoulder pain can arise anytime in your life depending on your daily activities and unexpected events. It can make your nights horrible. As you know, each one of us will choose a painkiller over any other thing but will they work? In most cases, the pain returns once the effect of medicine overs. You will need to work out a little for relieving neck pain.

Even increased use of smartphone and computers are causing neck and shoulder pain in young adults. Pain can be chronic or acute but both can be treated with the right exercise and medication. Poor posture and the weakening of upper back muscles put a high amount of stress on the cervical spine joints and intervertebral discs.

So, are you curious to know how to cure neck pain with exercise? Let’s dwell on a list of exercises that we can do when having neck and shoulder pain.

Neck stretches

Performing flexible and neck stretch exercises can relieve neck stiffness and pain. Rolling your shoulders in the back and forth motion will help a lot in reducing pain. People do neck stretching almost every day and many times.

Keep your body straight and only move the chin forward along with stretching the throat. Stay like this for 5 seconds only. In the same starting position, stretch the chin, but now in the backward direction. Repeat these five times.

Neck strengthening

Some neck strengthening exercises can assist you in improving posture. One such exercise you can do is chin tuck. It helps in strengthening muscles, which pulls the head back and brings it on to thoracic extensors. Apart from that, this exercise stretches scalene and suboccipital muscles.

  • Stand against a door jamb with the spine on the back. Pull the head and back upper portion of the body and let the head touch the door jamb. Chin must be down to pull the head smoothly.
  • Stay in the same position for not more than 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this 10 times.

Other neck strengthening exercises that you can do are prone cobra, back burn, and so on.

Aerobic conditioning

Aerobic exercise, which is also called cardio, is done with gradual oxygen intake. It maintains the heart rate and breathing at a good level. Such exercises enhance blood flow to the muscles of the upper back and neck. As a result, the muscle loosens and the pain decreases too. Doing aerobics for more than half an hour will release endorphins, a natural painkilling hormone. Try treadmill, stationary bike, upper body ergometer, etc. but if you are new to aerobics, start with a brisk walk.


Stress is the leading cause of elevating pain in your neck. It can produce tension in the muscles. By reducing the stress, your neck pain will be low too. Try listening to music too because that will provide you a relaxing feeling. Both will lead to a decrease in the production of stress hormones. Also, do something that you enjoy to divert yourself from stress and tension in your muscles.


Consult a doctor for finding out, which exercises are suitable for you. Don’t just start doing them after reading. It can hurt you too in some unexpected ways. Limit the time you use a smartphone and other devices. Hold your phone at eye level instead of keeping it between shoulder and ear. Do some stretching to get relief from muscular pain.

If needed, your doctor will do surgery too and that will be the most appropriate neck pain treatment in case it’s unbearable. For a much better option, consider using Moov Strong Gel/Spray. The use of this ointment has surprising benefits. Thanks to the presence of diclofenac.