All About Leather Shoulder Holster

What is a leather shoulder holster?

A holster is a pouch where the gun owner keeps their guns. Holsters are of many types like shoulder holsters, chest holsters, side holsters, etc. The leather shoulder holster are the type of holster that are designed to be worn on the shoulders. They are highly popular among gun owners due to their concealed carry property.

Advantages of leather shoulder holsters

The leather shoulder holsters make it simple to get to the firearm. Instant accessibility is a critical factor in concealment and carry, there is no sense in having it if you can’t get to it in time. And, on occasion, concealed holsters, like inside waistband holsters, might get too tight, causing difficulty while drawing. Leather shoulder holsters are very helpful in situations like these. You can simply unzip your outerwear and can get the gun easily. It is so convenient that you can even draw your weapon while sitting. This might help the people who need to carry their holsters while they are driving.

The leather shoulder holsters are not limited to short-barreled weapons only. It can also be used for long-barreled weapons. While shoulder holsters are perfect for small firearms, they can also be used for Uzis, long-barreled firearms, and even machine guns. Also, they are great in hiding. If you intend to cover a long-barreled handgun, you should consider wearing a coat over it and you’ll easily be able to hide it from others.

Who uses shoulder holsters?

A cowboy or a sheriff sporting a hidden leather shoulder holster is common in vintage western films. Though it was the standard back in the day, it is now uncommon. The shoulder holsters are now worn by safety guards or bodyguards who are expected to conduct their duties without disclosing their identities. They are also utilized by legal security guards in various locations without concealment.

Why use a leather shoulder holster?

Choosing a shoulder holster is essentially a matter of personal choice. When it comes to retaining and reholstering properties, leather shoulder holsters are considered to be on top and also, they are quite good at comfort and style.

Leather shoulder holsters have been there since weapons were required to be holstered. There is because leather is an excellent material for pistol holsters. Leather shoulder holsters ideally balance sturdiness and convenience. A very well-designed leather holster is durable enough to keep your pistol safe for years while being supple enough to wear down the pants easily. Leather holsters are also the most visually appealing. You can find leather holsters in museums that are more than a century old and still look fantastic.

The thin leather of the leather shoulder holsters covers the pistol and, more significantly, the trigger, yet it is light and uncomplicated. It makes concealment simpler from both a convenience and a manufacturing standpoint. The resistance against the waistband and the body provides practically all of the grip while carrying inside waistbands, and this is particularly true with leather holsters.