6 Steps to Optimum Health During an economic downturn

“Sick Economy Has Patients Skimping on Meds”

This is the headline of the Connected Press report which i available on MSNBC. One thing Thx for within Canada is the fact that, even during difficult financial occasions, I’m able to still see my physician and obtain tests basically need them without having to worry which i goes bankrupt correctly. Oh, that’s a problem for an additional day though!

Alongside an image from the Hendricks family inside a report is that this caption.

Jesse Hendricks sits together with his wife Rhonda, left, as well as their children, left to right: Demitrius, Donxell, D’Angela, Dominique and Jesse III in their home in Lombard, Ill. Tuesday, March. 7. Hendricks lost his job this summer time and attempted natural home remedies when his kids got sick lately while he could not pay the gas money they are driving these to the physician.

It is horrible when individuals can’t work and have to face financial burden while attempting to raise a household, HOWEVER, is that this what it will decide to try drive people to consider healthy options to medicine and doctors?

Don’t misunderstand me, I believe doctors and medicines get their place, (I’m a upon the market nurse in the end) however for the most serious and frightening illnesses (cancer!?!) you will find societies outdoors from the civilized world which have treatments hailing from nature that really use MORE effectiveness than OUR current physician suggested treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. You will find All sorts of effective and safe methods to treat infections and infections that do not require a visit to the doctor’s office.

I’ve got a suggestion. Why don’t you research natural options to doctors and medicines NOW. Why don’t you start applying some natural preventative and therapeutic measures to your existence today Prior to being sick and should not pay the charges for treatment. You won’t just Feel good just knowing you’re taking some steps towards better health, but you may also need to visit your physician LESS. Consider the cash you could lay aside, for instance, by strengthening your defense mechanisms, and becoming less common colds and flu. How about removing toxins out of your system and staying away from aching and tiredness now, and possibly fibromyalgia, MS, cancer… lower the street.

Listed here are my 6 steps to optimum health. Why don’t you research now, to be able to cut costs, worry, and youth lower the street!


EAT foods which help to produce an alkaline atmosphere within your body. Which means more fresh vegetables, fruits, and fewer steak. More RAW and fewer cooked. Attempt to strive for an 80% vegetarian raw food diet. Have you got a juicer? Otherwise, you will get an affordable one at the local hardware or kitchen store . (Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro works all right) Juice an large glass of carrots as well as an large glass of broccoli and drink it Every single day. (add an apple for sweetness if preferred).

Stay hydrated that’s filtered, ionized and alkaline. Without having a water ionizer already, you will get one for any $2 to $6 USD. If you won’t want to spend that sort of cash you will get Real Water Concentrate -ionized water concentrate that turns your filtered water into an alkaline health beverage. Get a lot of this water treatment (including a lot of information on acidity/alkaline diets and reasons) at

Detox- This is actually key. I like zeolite like a detoxifying agent since it removes chemical toxins and toxic buildup of factor like herbicides and pesticides, and nitrosamines (present in processed meats). Additionally, it functions being an anti-viral agent.

BOOST Defense mechanisms by growing the figures and action from the Natural Killer Cells (an ordinary a part of your defense mechanisms). The very best supplement to get this done with is Agaricus Blazei, that is a particular kind of mushroom recognized to boost natural killer cells. Keep in mind all supplements aren’t produced equal. Make certain you seek information on Agaricus and zeolite before you decide to spend your hard earned money.

AVOID toxins and poisons by utilizing biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning and household items, eating organic produce and hormone free animal products, and consuming filtered water.

Leave the couch! Move it baby!